Learn How To Meditate & Start Tomorrow, Even If You Don't Have Time.

Conquer Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia; Relax Deeply Without Medications; & Find Deep Inner Peace & Calm In God (The Divine).

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Course Content

6 Modules: 34 Audios (5 hours total)

6 Videos

Access to Over 20 Free Guided Meditations Online (my favorites)

Plus, stream/download my:

Spiritual Guided Meditation for Healing ($12.00 value)

Spiritual Guided Meditation for Chakra Balancing ($7.99 value)

Spiritual Guided Meditation for Muscular Relaxation: Headaches, Jaw Pain, and Shoulder Tightness ($7.99 value)

Why should I learn how to meditate?

I remember the first time my mentor in medical school guided me through a short meditation. I felt completely still and at peace, with swooning in my head. Once finished, I ran out of the room into the bathroom, burst into tears of emotion, and then suddenly laughed out loud, all in a matter of minutes!

I knew that I had found something that would change my life.

And it did.

The truth is that meditation is the key to opening up your heart to God and living a sane life.

It's the key to bringing your entire being back into alignment, learning how to be free and happy again, learning how to relax and lower your stress levels, and learning how to feel and live the reality of Divine Love.

It will transform your body.

Are you trying to lose weight, but can't? The truth is that you won't be able to lose weight until you relax. Stress hormones eat away at your muscles, add fat to your body, lower your metabolism, make you tired, and screw up the other hormones in your body.

Insomnia? You will fall asleep faster because your baseline stress levels will be lower.

You will sleep deeper because you will have less stress hormones in your blood stream and brain.

Afraid of dying of a heart attack from stress? You will lower your stress hormone levels, which can lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, your doctor will be happy because you will have better and easier control over the dis-ease.

Tight shoulders? You will learn how to relax your muscles deeply, without any muscle relaxant medications.

It will transform your mind and emotions.

You will be more relaxed throughout the day, making it easier to focus on the important tasks at hand.

Your ability to pay attention will grow with every meditation. This will help you with focus and with paying attention to the people that you love, instead of always feeling distracted by your running mind.

Does your mind run? It's time to catch it, and let it go! I am going to teach you NINE ways to relax your running mind!

Stressed? You will learn how to DEEPLY RELAX, on your own, naturally, without any addicting pills.

Are you snappy? Your meditation is going to bring you to a place of peace and calm. From that place, watch your relationships transform as you become more patient with your loved ones.

Are you always emotional? In module 5, you are going to learn how to cleanse and grow beyond any negative emotions like anger and frustration.

You will also learn how to open your heart to more love, patience and unity. :)

It will transform your relationship with yourself and with the Divine, or God.

Your meditation is going to bring a deeper awareness of God in your mind and body.

You will come to a deeper peace within yourself, and with yourself.

Your relationship with God is going to become real.

You see, we all have beliefs. Some may be positive, some negative, and some may be religious or spiritual.

You don't have to leave any beliefs when you meditate. They are there, and they are fine. Don't worry about them.

But, in meditation, you are going to feel deeply into the Reality of the Divine, moving above and beyond the mind. In this way, beliefs become secondary, and instead of holding onto them, we actually experience God in our minds and bodies, through our meditation.

It's the real thing! ;)

Your Instructor

Dr. Moses
Dr. Moses

Dr. Moses is an Osteopathic Physician who has been studying the body, mind, psychology, emotions, hormones, meditation and spirituality for over two decades. He is a spiritual teacher and improvises music on multiple instruments. He is here to serve and bless you.

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
The first module will be available by October 27, 2015. After that, you can review the material at your own pace and for as long as you want.
Do you give refunds?
You have SIX MONTHS to get a full refund for NO REASON AT ALL. Just send me one simple email and- well... no problem!
I'm a Christian. Can I meditate on God or the Bible?

Yes! I have included a whole lesson on exactly how to use the Bible for your meditation! And it's wonderful!

Does this course take a lot of time?

Nope. Watching the lessons will take less than an hour per week, and your meditation practice will start out so low that it will be easy and fun and take practically zero time.

I'm not really religious or spiritual. Can I still meditate?

Yes! I will teach you how to use meditation to clear your mind, relax, and grow your awareness of the Universal Force of Love in your heart.

I just need to learn how to relax. Will this work?

Yes! You will learn how to DEEPLY relax, naturally, without any medicines. And more importantly, you will be doing it EVERY DAY, even if you don't have time!

I'll show you how. :)

Do I have to spend hours and hours meditating every day to learn how to meditate?
Absolutely not! You are going to start meditating tomorrow, and I'm going to show you how it's going to take a tiny number of seconds per week to meditate consistently.
How long do I have access to the course?
Forever. :) And it works on any and all devices you own.

What I Am Going To Do For You

I am going to be vigilant about holding you accountable over the next 6 weeks. We are going to be in close contact the whole time.

You will start meditating tomorrow, and by the end of six weeks, you will have a rock solid foundation for a lifelong meditation practice.

Enjoy peace, calm, relaxation, stress relief, emotional cleansing, feeling closer to God/The Divine, and a long list of health benefits, like deeper sleep and lower stress hormones which affect your entire body.

With this course, you are going to learn how to meditate, period!

I've helped hundreds of others learn, and my strategy works. I'm so confident that I'm offering you 6 months to ask for a refund for no reason whatsoever. Why? Because I know that in 6 months you are still going to be meditating, and deeper than ever! By then, the effects of meditation will be so transformational in your life that you're going to send me a thank you letter and all of your friends, if you hadn't already. :)

You will become a part of an exclusive private community of amazingly awesome human beings (like you!) who are open to growing spiritually and becoming even awesomer! Here you can:

  • Post your questions, challenges, successes and experiences.
  • Get feedback, support and encouragement from other meditators in the course and people who have completed the course.
  • Get feedback from me. I will answer any questions I see posted in the community.

If you have a more personal challenge, you can email me directly, and I will make sure I help you through it.

And once you complete the course, continue to email me indefinitely with any challenges or questions you might have, and I'll be glad to help!

The audio lessons are clear and easy to understand. No mumbo-jumbo!

I take you step by step through the process of meditation.

We will start by getting you meditating tomorrow! It's my proven strategy, and it works!

I will answer ALL of your questions! We are going to learn:

What's the purpose of meditation?

Can I use music or incense? What are they for?

What are the steps to meditation?

How do I sit? Do I have to cross my legs? Do I have to say OMMMMM?

How do I breathe correctly?

Can I still pray, too? Can I pray for others? How?

How do I clear my mind or stop my thoughts?

What do I think about during meditation? Am I supposed to think?

What am I meditating ON? Nothing? Can I meditate on something?

Can I use the Bible or other holy scriptures for meditation? What about candles, statues, a cross, or anything else?

Can I still meditate if I'm a Christian?

I always get so distracted when I try to meditate! What do I do?

How do I deal with my emotions when I meditate?

How am I supposed to feel when I meditate?

I can't relax! How do I relax so I can meditate?

[Your question goes here]____________ ? :)

Is this course for me?

This course is for everyone, and it's perfect for you:

  • If you are interested only in "mindfulness," or learning how to calm down your mind and your body. I will teach you a variety of ways to completely relax and become stress free.
  • If you are interested in spirituality, or if you are spiritual but not religious, and instead of relying on “beliefs," you want to gain a deeper actual feeling and knowingness of the Divine, inside of both your body and your mind.
  • If you are a Christian or Catholic, or part of another spiritual or religious tradition, I have included a section on "contemplation," how to meditate using the Bible as a foundation, using other sacred writings, sacred music, and sacred icons or ideas for you to meditate with. This will bring you into a deeper, tacit, real and full knowledge of God, and a deeper personal relationship with Jesus or your spiritual teacher. You can then use your current belief system as your foundation and protection.

Not sure if you have what it takes?

Well I'm sure that you do! All you need is the desire to live a more peaceful and centered life. I'm here to help you with the rest!

Do you feel like meditation is too hard?

It's not. I'm here to take you into my heart and teach you. Just trust my process and it will be easy as pie. I promise.

Do you feel like you don't have time to meditate?

The truth is that if you were to meditate for 30 seconds, twice a day, it would change your life.

I will help you find those hidden minutes, make it a habit, and you won't even feel like you took ANY extra time at all.

Do you feel some hidden fear of why you don't want to meditate? Try me. :) I'll help you figure out what's stopping you, and help you work through it.

If it doesn't work, you have SIX MONTHS to send me an email asking for a refund. One simple email. No problem. :)

What if I feel too lazy to meditate?

I'm giving you bonus access to over 20 guided meditations, from a few minutes to 30 minutes, that you can just press play and relax to. They are the same ones I use for myself and my kids!

Get started now!